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Why You Need to Claim Your Yelp for Business Page

Claiming ownership of your social profiles is one of my four covered topics (Local Search). Claiming your Yelp for business page is an easy way to control your branding and manage your reviews. Luckily, it’s easy enough that the average business owner or manager can take do it. In this

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3 Quick Google Adwords Tips

With over several million advertising accounts on Google Adwords, I’d guess that less than 30-40% of them are run by a professional (Google Partner). Given this, a lot of accounts are probably just kinda running and not measuring or seeing any positive results. With that in mind, here are three

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Claim Your Business Locations: Maps

When I speak at events, I always leave the audience with this to-do: Claim your business locations on Google Maps and Bing Places. It’s low hanging fruit that’s free and important.

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Keyword List Building

Keyword lists aren’t as important to SEO as they used to be, but they are still a very important piece to your website. If you’re operating a business and managing a website, then you need to start thinking about the language you use to describe the business you conduct

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Developing Great SEO Content

Having a website is not enough. If you’re a small business trying to get more organic search results, then you need to think about developing great SEO content. Not keyword stuffed content, but words that clearly — let me emphasize, CLEARLY — say

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Review: Google Analytics Demo Account

Get the Most out of Google Analytics with the GA Demo Account Google recently announced the launch of the Google Analytics demo account, which features a fully built out example of what Google Analytics can offer. The demo is a great resource because most people can play around in their

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