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For over 14 years, I’ve helped clients with a variety of web projects. With my MBA background with focus in entrepreneurship and complexity, I understand how online pieces of the puzzle can effect your offline strategy and business objectives at multiple levels.

Since every project is different, let’s chat before we dive in.

Are you…

  • Experiencing a dip in traffic?
  • New project not gaining traction?
  • Developing a marketing plan?
  • Google Ads not converting?
  • Want to show ads in Google Shopping?
  • Confused to your overall picture?

“If you’re a baker, you bake. If you’re a winemaker, you make wine. You don’t have to be also be web marketing specialist. Let me help guide you in developing a strong web presence that works for you.”

“I get the pleasure of seeing my clients have real success. I’m genuinely passionate about helping people reach their business and financial goals.”

“Often times I meet with clients for one particular task, and they see how one particular task can effect multiple other factors, and they often come away with the holistic view of how that task fits within their strategy.”

“I’m always expanding my capacity and knowledge in the field. The old adage, ‘The only constant is change,’ happens to be particularly relevant in the search engine marketing field.”

“If you lead with integrity and quality you’ll generate better results in the longrun.”

– Ryan Milani

Getting Started

For Beginners

How it works

Each projects can range in scope, so a discovery conversation is used to drill down the tasks and requirements from each party. Once we both know a little more about what is expected from each party, we’ll move forward with our conversations or deliverables. I then invice out at the end of the month for hours used during the previus month.

Getting Help

How we will communicate

If you’d like to schedule a call, please fill out the form on this page. For consulting, we may choose to meet in person if you are located in San Francisco, Oakland, East Bay, or the North Bay. Otherwise I use Zoom meetings for conference calls. 

First Steps


During our initial discovery, I like to learn about your project (NDA is signed when applicable), then I’ll fill you more in on what I do and how I may be able to assist. If I am unable to assist, I may be able to point you in the right direction. Discovery calls should take about 20-30 minutes.

Bundling Services

Packages & Discounts

I offer a discounted rate if you are bundling ongoing support with your Managed AdWords, WordPress Website, or Analytics Dashboard package. Non-profits also receive a discounted rate.

Coaching & Education / Training

Want to beef up your knowledge bank? Is there a particular element of online traffic that you’d like to get more experience in? I can coach you through building new campaigns in Google AdWords, tackling SEO for your website or development platform, or learning how to master your Google Analytics account.

Need a presentation to your team? I love presenting to groups and can provide training to your team.

Task Completion and Documentation

Depending on the project, I may come in to do custom work. It may be setting up analytics custom audiences for remarketing, or a round of keyword optimization for your AdWords account, developing a search engine optimization guidebook for your employees. We’ll define your needs in our discovery chat.


Feedback is critical to success. I’ll be straight up with you. If I think something is a bad idea, or needs a new direction, I’ll let you know. I also appreciate feedback from the client as well. 

What Type of Consultant Do You Need?

Well defined roles from Flawless Consulting (Peter Block, 1981). 


“I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with this problem. You’re the expert; find out what’s wrong and fix it. You have a free hand to examine ther operation and do whatever analysis is necessary. Keep me posted on your findings and what you indend to do.”


“I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with this problem. I have examined the deficiencies and have prepared an outline of what needs to be done. I want you to get it done as soon as possible.”


“Problem solving becomes a joint undertaking, with equal attention to both the technical issues and the human interactions involved in dealing with the technical issues…Manager is actively involved in data gathering and analysis, setting goals and developing action plans.”


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