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Search Engine Consulting

Increase the volume & quality of visits to your website

What is Search Engine Consulting?

Meet your sales and marketing objectives through tactical Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies -- also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. 

Start reaching potential customers when and where it matters most -- when they’re searching for your products and services online!

Boost your website's visibility on search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the ranking of your website on search engine result pages (SERPs).

A well optimized website is like having a garden with great soil, giving you the best opportunity to grow.

My SEO audits include technical and on-page analysis -- identifying weak areas of your site that have the opportunity to strengthen your signal to Google and other search engines. Even if you've worked with a high-end developer, you could likely benefit from an audit.

  • Audit

    Technical & On-Page Analysis with Recommendations
  • Management

    Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Lightbulbs with one going off

Tactical Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Drive targeted traffic to your business, product, or service while tracking quality and conversions. Jump on board with intelligent advertising and be there for people who are searching for information about what you offer!

Google AdWords Specialist & Certified Google Partner

Google AdWords is flexible and can deliver on a variety of business objectives. Need to drive foot traffic to your store? Sure, we can run a location extension and drive map requests. Need to build awareness of your brand? We can set you up with a banner campaign for people searching in your market. Selling a product or service? We can reach people researching about those things. And more!

  • Setup

    Keyword, Display, Mobile, Video, Shopping Campaigns
  • Management

    Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting
Google AdWords Management - "AdWords" in blue on a keyboard

Valuable insight into your project

Do you have a product that you've launched and are now asking, now what? Or are you about to launch and want to make sure your ducks are in a row? As a SEM Consultant, I have deep insight into how people find and interact with you online. With a Master's in Business Administration and specialty in complexity and facilitation, I can help you navigate the complexity of the online world and how it relates to you operations.

Schedule an hour and I'll show up prepared to guide you on your way, or book a package of hours for project based consulting for ongoing support.

  • Types

    Education & Training, Strategy, Tactics
  • Expertise On-Demand

    Dedicated, on-call support to handle your questions.
Toolbox - SEM Project consulting tools, symbolizing the tools a SEM consultant uses when you hire them

Informative, Easy-to-Read Data Visualizations

Google has excellent data about your marketing strategies. Are you monitoring and mining your analytics with a dashboard? If properly utilized, you can determine if your online and offline strategies are working, identify problems, and find opportunities to grow.

It all starts with setup and collection, then readability and visualization, and then qualitative analysis. Get smart with your data today!

  • Data Sources

    Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search Console
  • Pricing

    Dashboard monitoring starts at only $130 a month!
Analytics dahsboard with man or woman standing in front of a visualization board of metrics

Wordpress Websites

Fast, Secure, Mobile-Responsive

Delivering a search engine optimized, fast, secure, and mobile-friendly user experience with goal tracking for your calls-to-action -- Leaving you ready for more traffic whether it's from social, advertising, organic, or direct sources.

2017 is the perfect time to upgrade. Google has announce initiatives to increase ranking for fast, secure, and mobile-friendly websites.

  • Development

    Basic websites start at $1,000
Basic Wordpress Development
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