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Google Ads is an extremely powerful advertising tool to drive sales and leads. Run text ads in Google search results, banner ads on websites, or video ads on YouTube. Drive qualified visitors to your business location or website.

Ads need optimization. Without it, you could be throwing budget away on low quality clicks. I’ll help you track the quality of your visits to determine areas to improve and to extend budget. I’ll also help you setup goal tracking, so we can optimize your lead generation process. Don’t just set it and forget it, optimize.

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Get More Leads

Choose your Campaigns


Moment of action

Text based search results on Google. Targeted based on keyword queries.



Banners responsive ads that show on websites through dynamic targeting methods.



Boost product sales online and in-store with Google Shopping ads. Shown on Google search results and across websites. 


Awareness, Consideration

Target a custom audience with video advertising on YouTube. Full length and snippet videos ad placements.


Installs, Engagement

Drive app installs and in app engagement with clever targeting and machine learning. 

Google Adwords Specialist - Setup & Management - SERP example

“Google Ads allows you can pay to be #1 on Google.”

“In many markets, there is still a huge opportunity to advertise at a very low Cost-Per-Click. Even in areas where you’d expect the bids to be high, I’m seeing low competition and my clients are reaping the benefits.”

“It gives you the control to show up when people are searching for your products and you don’t rank for those keywords naturally. It’s an incredibly powerful tool.”

“Without tracking quality you could waste budget on low quality clicks. You need someone to actively manage watching and optimizing your account so you’re driving the best possible quality.”

Hiring An AdWords Specialist


How it works

Google AdWords is a budget-friendly, flexible, and powerful advertising platform. It gives you the ability to accomplish a number of different marketing objectives by using their search (Google), display (websites), and YouTube network. AdWords can deliver more calls, people driving to your location, contact form completions, brand recognition, and purchases of your products. 

Getting Help

Customer Support

For new AdWords accounts, I generally like to touch base with several meetings in the beginning to ensure branding and targeting are appropriate. I typically send along updates as the month progresses; reporting on progress, and early wins. After the end of the first month, I produce a monthly report that contains quantitative and qualitative analysis, along with areas that I’m optimizing. Feedback is always welcome.

First Steps

Discovery and Build

Understanding your advertising objectives and clarifying your Call-to-Action is the first step. We may find that we need to setup goal tracking on your website, or strengthen your CTA before we get ads running. Once the advertising goal is identified, we’ll choose campaigns and strategies to meet your objectives. A setup fee is applied to new account builds and ranges from $350 and up — depending on the campaign type.

Bundling Services


AdWords works best when a website is optimized for search (SEO) and the website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure. Therefore, I bundle my services for the best success (at a discount). If you’re not mobile-friendly, consider bundling AdWords with a new website, and Analytics Monitoring, for best results.

Test: Is your page mobile-friendly?

Adwords custom reporting and management pricing

Prices Vary Depending on Advertising Objectives and Ad Budget

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports detail performance and quality of visits. Several pages long, they contain specifics about the ad groups, keywords, and ad copy. I also detail what I optimized for the coming month.

Analytics Dashboard

Bundle your AdWords Management with the Analytics Dashboard and you’ll be able to expand out timeframes and pull channel information from Analytics, alongside AdWords and Search Console.

Ongoing Optimization

AdWords, like all Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, need to be regularly monitored and optimized. Otherwise, budget can easily be lost to low value keywords, suspended campaigns, or under/over spend.

$10k Free In-Kind Ads For Non-Profits

Google Grants

Google offers a $10,000 grant for in-kind advertising for non-profits who meet the eligibility requirements. This a great way to boost your non-profit’s visibility in the community and promote your events, fundraising activities, and volunteer-ship.

Google Grants - get started graph, steps

AdWord FAQ’s

Is Adwords expensive?

Small business owners will be relieved to hear that having your Adwords management outsourced to someone else doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people will pay between $130 and $500 a month depending on the account intricacies. Small businesses with two advertising goals and a budget around $250 to $500 per month will pay at the bottom of that scale. If you are promoting many locations, products, or selling through an eCommerce system then you’ll be paying at the larger portion of that scale. 

Do I need to have someone manage my AdWords account?

“Set it and forget it” is a recipe for failure with AdWords, and if you’re a nonprofit, it can actually suspend your account. In reality, AdWords management is all about incremental adjustments. I think of it like sculpting a work of art — always working increase conversion rates and lower cost per conversion. Even if you’re online savvy with free time to keep up on the latest best practices and changes, it probably won’t perform as well as having an experience AdWords specialist manage the account. In reality, most don’t have the capacity to learn an intricate system such as AdWords.

What does your monthly fee include?

A monthly retainer will pay for optimizations to your account, reporting, and budget management. Optimizations are actually many different tactics depending on your advertising goals and account performance. The overall objective of optimization is usually to drive down your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) while increasing the quality of visit. Not all agencies charge the same way, so if you’re shopping around, check to see what each pricing model includes.

Do I need an industry specialist?

No, not necessarily. Industry specialists can have an advantage with competitive benchmarks, but there’s the potential trap of them not experimenting and thus getting stuck in one way thinking. Someone who manages many different industry verticals will offer new campaign strategies, borrowed from other industries. However, they may need more support in understanding your product, business model, path to sale, and customer profiles.

How do I know if someone’s a Google Partner?

Google Partners will promote it on their website and link back to their Partner certification page, just like this: 

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