Data & Analytics

“What gets measured gets done.” – Tom Peters

We’ve entered the next generation of analytics and data. Google Analytics is just one of many tools that can help you measure your business online. Never has it been so easy to determine ROI and results of advertising. In this section we discuss data and analytics and approaches and best practices.

Track Blog Performance – GA Dashboard

I’m a big fan of Dashboards in Google Analytics (GA). A dashboard can give you quick access to monitor sections of your website or track an advertising campaign. The options are endless, and you can share dashboards seamlessly between views. Handy, especially if you monitor several websites or in my case dozens! Here is one of my free Google Analytics Dashboards that I’m sharing for tracking blog performance.

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Review: Google Analytics Demo Account

Get the Most out of Google Analytics with the GA Demo Account

Google recently announced the launch of the Google Analytics demo account, which features a fully built out example of what Google Analytics can offer. The demo is a great resource because most people can play around in their own dashboard and learn a thing or two, but this account allows you to dive deeper into what Google Analytics can really offer. You can compare data and setups to one actively managed by Google.

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