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Paid online advertising, through Search and Display Networks, is a great way to instantly drive targeted traffic to your website. Search Network advertising allows you to target based on keywords and therefore you drive targeted visitors to your website on a pay per click model (PPC). Display Network advertising is also known as banner advertising allow you to build brand impressions and have a variety of targeting options. This section is all things Adwords, Bing, terminology, and best practices for paid advertising.

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Recommended Banner Ad Sizes for Google, AdRoll, Linkedin

Updated: 4/22/2021) Here a list that contains sizes for Google Ads, AdRoll, and Linkedin Ads Google Display – Responsive Ads (limited text – small or no logo) 1.91:1 (this will satisfy Linkedin Sponsored content as well) 1:1 Display – Static Ads (Max File Size: 150kb) General Requirements All ads must have a border The file size must be less than 150KB (does not apply to Display Responsive Ads) Ads cannot animate for more than 30 seconds Mobile: 300×250 320×50 320×100 250×250 200×200 Desktop: 336×280 728×90 300×600 160×600 970×90 468×60 YouTube Companion Banner (Max File Size: 150kb) 300×60 pixels. Maximum file

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How to Reduce Junk Conversions in Google Ads

Google Ads can be a powerful tool to drive leads, but left unchecked you could be wasting budget on low quality, spam/junk leads. Here are some optimization tips to eliminate bad leads. Why can junk leads get out of control? Google’s Smart Bidding strategies operate to get your campaigns more of the conversions in your conversion column. Regardless of the quality, if you start amassing low quality leads – be-it spam mail addresses or people trying to sell your services – Google’s AI will adjust bids to get more of “those” types of leads. This can spin your campaigns out

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Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

Google offers a $10,000 grant for in-kind advertising for non-profits who meet the eligibility requirements. This a great way to boost your non-profit’s visibility in the community and promote your events, fundraising activities, and volunteer-ship. Here’s what you need to know about the Google Ad Grants.

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5 Super Tools for Online Advertisers

(Updated June 2018) My favorite super tools for online advertisers, web developers, and SEO mavens. Sharing is caring, so here are my top five go-to “super tools.” The websites and applications below produce tools that I use regularly for a variety of tasks in online advertising and SEO. I’ve listed them here in order of my usage. All of them are free tools and they serve a variety of purposes. Ready to decrease your workload and work smarter, not harder?

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New Google AdWords Ad Grant Policy Changes

Google just updated their policy regarding Google AdWords Ad Grants for Nonprofits. It’s a significant change that ultimately will increase the quality of impressions and clicks (overall relevancy in their SERPs). If you manage Ad Grant accounts like I do, this update is important to pay attention to.

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Google Ads Character Limits – Text Ads & Extensions (2021)

About the Character Limits for Google Ads January 26th, 2021: Up-to-Date. Google announced the launch, and eventual changeover, to an Expanded Text Ad format in mid-2016. The Expanded Text Ads gave a boost to the clickable real-estate of the ad, and a longer description for more detail. If you haven’t updated your older ads, you’re missing an opportunity to increase your position and Click Through Rate. Here’s a little more information: (See below for the character limits list)

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Understanding Click-Through Rate (CTR) & Common Pitfalls

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a simple metric that shows that rate at which an ad impression receives a click. It’s a core measurement in Search Engine Marketing and yet, slightly misunderstood on the surface. Let’s look at this major ad performance metric. What is Click-Through Rate? Whenever and however you generate traffic to your app or website — be it through any channel (social, organic, referral, paid, display, email) — your links, banners, or ads will have impressions (views) and clicks. Impressions are the number of times a link or ad was seen, or rather available on the screen to

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Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign Types

(Updated Feb. 8th, 2019) As of 2019, Google Ads (Adwords) allows you to choose between Five different campaign types. They are: Search Network, Display Network, Video (YouTube), Shopping, and Universal Apps. Choosing a campaign type is your first step in getting ads running, so study up. Each campaign type has secondary features that expand and contract the functionality in the campaign (e.g. Standard, All Features, Mobile app installs, Dynamic Search Ads, Call-only, Marketing Objectives, etc.). Fortunately, those features change on-page, as you select, for easy viewing.

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3 Quick Google Adwords Tips

With over several million advertising accounts on Google Adwords, I’d guess that less than 30-40% of them are run by a professional (Google Partner). Given this, a lot of accounts are probably just kinda running and not measuring or seeing any positive results. With that in mind, here are three simple monthly Google Adwords tips the average account manager can use to optimize their campaign performance.

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