About Ryan Milani

Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Integrity & Kaizen — These values are extremely important to my work. The online world can sometimes be a complex workspace. The products and processes are new to many people. This is where open and honest communication about performance is key to success.
Certified Partner — As a Google Certified Partner, I deliver quality account builds and routinely optimized ad campaigns in Google AdWords; always striving for more conversions at a lower Cost-Per-Click. Certification also brings benefits like my agency level support from Google.
Data Driven — I love data, so it informs nearly all of my processes. Building a website? Tracking Analytics? Advertising? Optimizing? All of these involve collecting and using data to make informed judgements and to guide the process.
Available / Responsive — I take pride in being there for my clients. Whether it’s an email, call, or meeting; I value fast response, because it’s just plain good customer service and it demonstrates trustworthiness.
In my off time, I’m outdoors! You’ll find me working on something in the garden, or throwing frisbees as I’m a huge disc golf fan and I’m an active member of my local Napa Disc Golf Club!