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I’ve trained clients for years on how to navigate Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdWords. Now I’m launching SEO / SEM Dashboards using Google Data Studio to help clients take control of their performance data. With this data, you’ll be able to report with ease, jump on new opportunities, and determine if your advertising campaigns are increasing your profit or wasting your money.

Each dashboard is designed slightly different depending on what data you have available and what your marketing objectives or most important indicators are. Using data from your Google Analytics, Search Console, and/or Google AdWords account, the dashboard is build to meet those KPI’s in a graphically pleasing dashboard presentation that includes your branding, charts, tables, timelines, and metrics. All with th egoal of making reporting and monitoring easy.

Easy to use dashboard that tracks SEO, advertising campaigns, revenue, goal completions, locations, and more ~ all in one place!

live analytics demo dashboard from data studio
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$150 /mo

5 page basic key performance indicator dashboard. This is a great option iof you’re not sure what you should be tracking. This will give you a great graphics and an easy way to touch on some of the most important metrics for your website.


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Customized based on your website objectives and reporting obligations, a custom dashboard will deliver the analytics you need to achieve success in all your marketing channels. 

Live Demo

Dashboards customized to meet your unique monitoring & reporting needs. They can cover a wide range of metrics. Out of the box “Starter” package covers your basic advertising and all channel monitoring, including these key metrics:
  • All Traffic Overview
  • Conversions & Goals
  • Paid Search Campaigns
  • Search Terms
  • Organic Traffic
  • Channel Correlation
  • Top Pages (Content)
  • Top Geo-Locations
Try browsing to different pages using the navigation, and editing the data ranges to change the data.

Getting Started


How it works

After a discovery session to understand your KPI’s and insight needs, I’ll craft a dashboard using Google’s Data Studio using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Search Console data.


Google Data Studio

Out of the box, Google Data Studio is a free data visualization program with the ability to hook up many different data sources. You can then design your data in a way that makes sense for your monitoring needs.
First Steps


Access to the relevent properties are needed to hook up the data to the dashboard. I’ll then create a draft dahsboard with between 5-20 pages that are tracking your key insights.

Bundling Services

Service Packages

Analytics dashboards are great to bundle with a Google AdWords build, website optimization services, or project consulting.

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