How to Change Your Business Description on Google

change-google-business-description(Updated August 2019) Google has taken control of your business description in search results. Specifically, the description that is on the right of search results in your Google My Business (GMB) description, above address and below your business name, and on Google Maps. Google makes the distinction this is an “editorial summary.” So what are your options to change the editorial summary if it is inaccurate or undesirable?

First make sure it isn’t something you accidentally created. Log into your Google Plus business page and check under “Story” to make sure you’ve filled out your fields (Tagline & Introduction). While Google, won’t necessarily pull this info, it can only help your case. Once that is done, proceed to the following.

Newish Option 1) Add a Business Description

Had to update this post. Google has updated Google My Business listings to include a Add Description field. It’s located under the “Info” tab in your dashboard.

Shows were to Add Business Description Google My Business

Option 2) Get Reviews

Get well written reviews up on your Google business listing. By well written, I mean reviews with headlines that could replace that description. I’m not suggesting creating false or misleading reviews, however, you likely know someone who could easily edit their review they already left for you, or you probably have a customer that you could solicit for a beaming well written review; just make sure they create a quality review, with a great headline and a good description.

Option 3) Report it

Report it to Google. I have this as option three, because your chance that Google will take down or remove the summary is not good, unless you’ve already done Option 1 & 2 and you have a strong case. Google makes the rules, so it’s best to give them something to feed off of. To request a change you’ll need as much detail as possible such as: your name, business name, official email address used to manage your Google My Business page, how you manage your GMB account, full public GMB url, text of the summary, why it’s incorrect, your relationship to the company, and finally how you’d like a response. When you are ready, here’s the link to report an incorrect summary on a business page.

Good Luck!

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