Webinar Recording: Utilizing ChatGPT for Winery Marketing Success

In June of 2023, I led a webinar for Wine Marketers on the topic of AI (specifically focusing on ChatGPT) for Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute. The talk was an hour long and I covered a variety of best practices and covered a little history, ethical considerations, practical applications, and showed some live demos of the tool.

1. Introduction to AI in Marketing: We paralleled AI’s emergence to the disruptive advent of search engines, underscoring its potential to redefine marketing strategies.

2. Deep Dive: ChatGPT’s Role: Focusing on ChatGPT, we unraveled its capabilities in tackling marketing challenges, enhancing creativity, and streamlining workflows.

3. Live Demonstrations & Best Practices: Through hands-on examples, we illustrated ChatGPT’s practical applications in real-world marketing tasks, sharing actionable insights and best practices.

4. Ethical Considerations & Future Outlook: The discussion concluded with a thoughtful reflection on the ethical use of AI and its promising future in marketing, urging a balanced approach to leveraging this powerful tool.

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