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Monitor Keyword Activity with Google Alerts

Google Alerts is almost an afterthought to most seasoned webmasters and digital marketers, but let’s retract a minute and zoom back out to ten-thousand feet. What if you, Jane Business, could track/monitor every time a keyword was mentioned in a Google search result? How would you harvest that power?

Here’s how I would take advantage of that – I’d monitor my name, for one, but I’d also monitor topics of interest for me, my industry, or areas where I’m trying to build links back to my website or a client’s website.

How G-Alerts Work

It works like this, using your Google Account, simply go to Google Alerts and “Create an alert about….” I just created an alert about “Napa SEO” and “winery adwords,” because I want to work more in Napa and with wineries (they tend to need it). I also created a new alert for “SEO experiments,” because I want to know what data and geek scientists are doing in experimenting with search and algorithms. The possibilities are endless. You save a search query and choose a time of delivery and frequency of email (as it happens, daily, weekly. That’s it!

Some More Clever Ways to Use Google Alerts

  • Monitor new releases from your favorite artist.
  • Get location specific news.
  • Get the latest coupon codes (thanks Lifehacker!)
  • Track your favorite ______.
  • Monitor your niche to find new opportunities.
  • Monitor the competition.
  • Find new restaurant opening

Or try some from one of these lists:

Search Operators do apply, so brush up on these little ditty’s to search smarter.

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