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The Age of Search

It’s the year 2016, 88.5% of the US population has Internet access. Compare that to 2000, when only 43.1% has access(*). Pair that with Google saying more searches are now done through a mobile device vs a desktop. We’re clearly entering a new phase of the digital era. Can small business keep up? I believe they can, because search engines recognize their need to bring business along.

Getting your business online and optimized isn’t a huge secret, well it is if you take into account Google’s algorithm of some 200 variables, but the principles that guide the algorithm is simple, it’s all based on relevancy. What does that mean? It means making your information from hours of operations to location, philosophies, policy, stock, services, all available. Search Engines like Google and Bing rely on this, they need relevancy to thrive. The more info you give search engines, the more likely they’ll be able to match you up with a potential searcher.

So this relevancy thing is not new, but now it’s evolving. We’re bringing in the age of re-marketing and re-targeting. “Like Product A? Try Product B!” “Did you know product B also has features 1, 2 and 3?” This is essentially the beginnings of the advertising we saw in the movie Minority Report. Scray. Ultimately, it’s all done in our best interests, albeit a little annoying, and ideally, it’s opt-out friendly. Ahem… clear your browser cookies or browse incognito.

The state of paid and organic search in 2016 is advancing by leaps and bounds, ever so more precise and targeted. Ultimately working towards efficiency. I’ve seen numerous iterations of this efficiency, all the while trying to make it easier and easier to specify how much someone should pay for a lead, and it’s getting pretty good!

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