Like all things that take mastery, you need a good place to practice, test, and try things out that you might not want to implement in a clients account. I have several playgrounds that I own and use to test tactics and strategies for SEO, analytics, advertising, web development, and affiliate sales. Introducing RMLabs!

disc golf disc website

Disc Golf Dojo

Disc Golf Dojo was one of my first playgrounds to test SEO, web speed development, analytics, and ad placement. It since became an area for me to not only share my hobby, but has taken off from an SEO standpoint and has now become an affiliate website. Disc Golf Dojo is the place to find and compare disc golf discs.

Loungefly backpack website

DFLY Backpacks

I’ve expanded my affiliate websites to Disney Loungefly Backpacks. Though these aren’t for me, they’re incredibly fun to look at, well designed and built, higher value per purchase, and well, I love Disney! I’m using basically the same format as Disc Golf Dojo only this time with bags. If you’re a Disney fan, check them out!

All About Blenders

All About Blenders is my latest playground. Taking an old website that I experimented with a while back but lost, and revamping. Shortly before I lost the content on it back in 2016, it had just started gaining search traffic. It will be interesting to see how/if Google pieces the historical data together for rankings. It is another affiliate website.