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Adwords Management: Hiring a Professional in 2017?

Q and A on Adwords ManagementGoogle Adwords is an extremely powerful online marketing tool that can help you reach potential customers right when they’re searching for the products and services you offer, in the places you offer them. Essentially, you’re paying to beat out your competition on Google, but should you do it yourself, or outsource your Adwords management?

Despite Google trying to make Adwords easy for small businesses, navigating the system and knowing how to properly set it up to maximize your return is more complicated than intuitive. Fortunately, Google has a program to license specialists, called Google Partners. Here are some things to consider when hiring someone to manage your Adwords account.

Is outsourcing Adwords management expensive?

Small business owners will be relieved to hear that having your Adwords management outsourced to someone else doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people will pay between $100 and $500 a month depending on the account intricacies. Small businesses with two advertising goals and a budget around $250 to $500 per month will fall near the bottom of that scale. If you are promoting many locations, products, or selling through an eCommerce system then you’ll be looking at the larger portion of that scale. Some agencies will also charge a flat rate plus a percentage of budget.

Do I need to have someone manage my account?

Yes, “set it and forget it” is a recipe for failure with Adwords, and if you’re a nonprofit, it can actually halt your account. In reality, Adwords management is all about incremental adjustments. I think of it like sculpting a statue — shave a little here, shape a little there — always working increase conversion rates and lower cost per conversion. Even if you have an online savvy person with free time to keep up on the latest best practices and changes, it probably won’t perform as well as having an experience Adwords specialist manage the account. In reality, most don’t have the capacity to learn an intricate system such as Adwords.

What does the monthly fee normally include?

A monthly retainer will pay for optimizations to your account, reporting, and budget management. Optimizations come in the form of many different tactics depending on your advertising goals and account performance. The overall objective usually being to drive down your Cost-Per-Conversion or increase brand awareness. Not all agencies charge the same way, so if you’re shopping around, check to see what each pricing model includes.

Do I need an industry specialist?

No, not necessarily. Industry specialists have an advantage with competitive stats and knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. On the other hand, there’s the potential trap of not experimenting and thus getting stuck in one way thinking. Someone who manages many different industry verticals will offer new campaign strategies, borrowed from other industries. However, they may need more support in understanding your business model, products, customers.

Working with a Google Partner: Video

Watch this video from Google’s Ben Wood, Director of Channel Sales, targeted at small business owners. It spells out other benefits of working with a Google Partner. The video also includes some stories from real business owners:

How do I know if someone’s a Google Partner?

Google Partners will promote it on their website and link back to their Partner certification page. I’m a certified Adwords partner.

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