• Hire a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

    Hire a Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) Consultant

  • Hire a Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) Consultant

    Hire a Search Engine Marketing (SEM/SEO) Consultant

Ready For More Business?

An Adwords manager, or SEM consultant, is able to create ads like this to drive traffic to a local business

As a SEM Consultant, I specialize in driving new customers to your store, product, or service.

We’ll target people searching for the services or products you offer through Google Adwords management, and website Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google Adwords is tactical and highly targeted online advertising (aka. Pay-Per-Click advertising). Showing ads across their powerful and extensive Search, Search Partners (like Google Maps), and Display Network (AdSense). Pay only when someone clicks an ad, and qualify those leads with relevant keywords, great ad copy, and strong measurable Calls-to-Action. Measure, optimize, repeat!

Who this is for?

All businesses can compete in this arena! Provided, you have an advertising budget and a website — preferably, a mobile friendly website. I work with small businesses and manage budgets as low as $200 /mo and up to $15,000+ /mo. Both can achieve successful outcomes.

Why work with me?

Google Certified Partner

I’m a certified Google Partner with agency level support direct from Google — a service which less than 5% of agencies receive. With experience managing and optimized dozens of accounts, I have demonstrated great performance and passed certification requirements. Partner status also means that I can offer new clients a free $100 voucher when starting out a new Adwords campaign (*Spend $25 Get $100).


I love data, and I work hard to interpret it in an easy to understand way. I have developed my own methodology for developing successful campaigns and reporting to the client. It starts with understanding the clients’ “customer journey” along with advertising goals and quality metrics. You know you’re doing something right when you clients tell you that they’re busier than ever!


With my MBA background and focus on entrepreneurship, I am passionate about the entrepreneurial dream. I want to work hard so that you succeed. If something isn’t working I’ll tell you. I operate on high integrity relationships with my clients and I never hide behind data.

Who do I currently work with?

I work with clients in a broad range of industries. Many are small businesses with physical addresses in the Bay Area, but I also work with service providers and e-commerce on a broader worldwide scale.

Is this expensive?

Nope! Packages start at $350 for basic Adwords account build — plus whatever you budget for advertising. There is a monthly management fee that I require to optimize the account and for reporting. Prices do vary depending on the advertising goals, products, and locations, but for most small businesses the basic account setup works fine. Contact me for more details.

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